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Members Club

I have always wanted to spend my days creating components and templates for the Webflow community for as long as I have been a part of it. But until now I have had no way to support my passion project — that's why the Members Club exists, so that I can devote more time to creating high quality components, whilst being able to feed my Wife and Kids!

Exclusive Member Only components

Browse the Bake's next level Webflow components exclusive to you as member.

Every week I'll be releasing one exclusive component to Digital Bake's members, sent direct to your Webflow account.

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Website Templates

Sometimes a shiny custom website is outside the clients budget, or you simply need strong groundwork to start a project from — as a Member we'll be sending you a brand new template once a month.

You'll also have access to the growing back-catalog of templates.

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Grandfathered on your joining fee!

You get grandfather you on your joining fee.

This means whatever your monthly fee on joining today, that's the price you'll always pay, even as I add more features, I'll never increase your monthly fee.

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