About "The Bake"

How It All Got Started

The Digital Bake was born on April 17, 2018, the same day Webflow released the coveted "Cross Site Copy & Paste" feature which allows component sharing across Webflow projects.

It started out as the brain-child of resident Webflow expert and all around nice guy, Aaron Grieve. He began by extracting shareable components from client projects but that quickly morphed into a "component addiction" (is that a thing?) that has resulted in more than 70 components, and growing.

About Aaron

My name is Aaron Grieve, some of you my know me from various places within the Webflow universe, like the Webflow Blog or the Webflow Forum etc... I'm a hard-core Webflow nerd and fan-boy!

I have always wanted to spend my days creating components for the joy of it and now that Webflow has released cross-site copy and paste I can finally do it. This site is my personal playground for creating awesome interactive components from individual buttons to whole website navigation systems, I think the best part for you is it's Free! No need to credit me in your website builds or to pay a subscription, these elements and components are my gift to you, all I would ask is, if you can promote Digital Bake on social media please do, it's the high level of traffic that allows me to keep creating free components for you and the Webflow community.